2.7t Swap Board

The Complete 2.7t Swap Solution


The Swap Board is a premium turnkey solution designed to take all guesswork out of the electrical aspect in 2.7t swaps and maintain a truly OEM-like integration.

The Swap Board is a PCB designed to replace the connector carrier in the plenum to allow for nearly Plug and Play swaps. It bolts directly in place of the oem connector carrier and positions the female 2.7t motor plugs in the same position the B6 or B7 ones were. On the back side of the board are the male B6 or B7 body plugs ready to plug directly into the chassis female receptacles.

Top: Swap Board PCB (UnPopulated)Bottom: OE connector carrier

The Swap Board is designed with ArduAudi our CANBUS fed OEM fan controler, in mind. The two devices are tied together and sold as a package when purchasing a Swap Board. ArduAudi can also be purchased separatly and is a universal solution for B6/B7 swaps

Installed Swap Board in B6 Application


B6 Chassis

All originally equipped manual chassis B6 cars are supported. A manual APB motor harness should be used.

B7 Chassis

Originally equipped manual chassis B7 A4, S4, and RS4 cars are supported. A manual APB motor harness should be used.

A cut above the rest

"Jumper Harnesses" have long been a staple offering for 2.7t swappers. They have enabled people complete the swap without having to re-engineer a motor harness themselves. However with them came problems.

Not much space for diagnosing here. All the crossover connections have been stuffed into the cabin and repaired in place. The only way to remove it is to start cutting.

Tight space and jumbled up wires led to many connection failures, sometimes impossible to tell visually. With over 30 connections mistakes like incorrect pinning is common. Bad connections can leave you stranded, cause poor running conditions, or even start fires!

This connection should be able to support 20 amps and the heat shrink is falling off! The exposed copper on the wires show they have not been properly tinned. You can only guess how many connections in this "jumper harness" are just as close to failure as this one.

Remotely diagnosing any of these issues is a complete nightmare! The customer who paid for a working circuit now must play electrical detective while the seller guesses what the problem could be. The other option is to return ship and wait weeks for the vendor to hopefully get it right the second time.

Here is the ECU crash signal incorrectly tied into the brake switch! Imagine diagnosing this over the phone. Because the fault code shows "intermittent" it could even be misdiagnosed as a faulty ECU causing hours of headaches and costing hundreds of dollars.

This is why the 2.7t Swap Board exists. These problems simply cannot happen with the design. There is nothing like a properly sorted 2.7t in a modern chassis. Don't compromise your project with shoddy electricals.


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