2.7t Swap Checklist & Coding

Partial B6/B7 Parts and Requirements List



Mounting Brackets: 1.8t, 2.0t, 3.0 or 3.2

Radiator Support

B6 A4: 3.0 support with 3.0 snub bracket

B7 A4: 3.2 support with 3.2 snub bracket

B6/B7 S4: Our BHF Snub Bracket


Mounting Brackets: B5 S4/C5 A6


Intermediate Plate

B5 S4


B5 S4

Fueling/Accessories etc.


Return Line: B6 3.0

Filter: B6 3.0


Compressor: B6 3.0 or B7 2.0t/3.2

Hard Lines: 3.0, in some cases custom lines must be fabricated

Power Steering

Lines: B5 S4 or C5 A6

VAGCOM Coding + Tuning

ABS (Bosch 8.0)

1.) Set ABS coding to 0004379

Experimental S4 abs: 0004389; 4301; 4635; 4773; 4897; 4507; 4383

2.) Set Airbag adaptation CH51 to 12 (FNR 16" brakes)

Oil Level MAX Warning

Set Instrumentation adaptation CH38 to 0

Fuel Door Open !

Can be turned off with correct tuning delete of Leak Detection Pump