Ready to go B6/B7 Fan Controller

About Arduaudi

ArduAudi is a solution for OEM fan controlling on the 2.7t motor. ArduAudi controls the radiator/aux fans to cool as needed by reading coolant temp and AC status from CANBUS data. This is the way Audi had intended the cooling system to work.

ArduAudi is also able to adapt Cruise Control for the 2.7t. There is no modification to the original stalk. Set, Accelerate, Retard, Cancel, Resume will all function as intended.

NOTE: There MUST be no ABS or MAF errors in order for Cruise Control to work. Function can be verified via VagCom

ArduAudi is composed of an Arduino Microcontroller, a CANBUS shield, and a custom 2.7t Swap Shield. It is housed in an enclosure with a 9 wire pigtail for ease of installation.

By integrating ArduAudi in your swap you will benefit from a simpler swap harness, utilize the powerful and efficient stock fans, and maintain the convenience of cruise control.


Installation is easy and requires connection of 9 wires all of which are accessible inside the ECU plenum. The device can be fit above the fuse box in the dash.

There are no buttons, activation, or programming necessary. Once all connections are made the device works.

All ArduAudi connections are clearly labeled and color coded. Reference diagrams for APB and BEL 2.7ts as well as all B6/B7 body diagrams are available in the Installation Guide.



Fan Control: The OEM fan(s) and OEM fan controller(s) must be installed and the fan harness should be unmodified. Coolant temp should also be registering on the cluster.

To test if fans are ready and working:

  • Turn key to ignition on (No need to Start motor)

  • Wait 5 to 10 seconds

  • Check if OEM fans are running on high and staying on

If your fans turn on with the OEM harness and controller in place, and you are registering coolant temp on your cluster, then your setup is ready for ArduAudi installation. If not check fuses, battery, OEM fan wiring harness continuity, OEM fan controller, and your custom wiring harness. A multi-meter will help to diagnose these issues.

Cruise Control: Cruise control relies on brake switch, clutch switch, and speed sensor in order to work. Cruise control will not work if there is a communication issue with any of these systems. Cruise signals can be monitored through VAGCOM on ECU channel 66 will display the status of clutch, brake, and speed sensor for troubleshooting needs. Channel 66 can also be used to confirm ArduAudi is sending the correct signals to the ECU.


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