2.7t Swap Board

Installation Guide

All Applications

  • Remove ECU cover and lower ECU cover to gain access to the plenum.

  • Remove drivers side knee panel and door kick panel.

  • Remove the two bolts holding the connector carrier and unplug all connectors/unbolt the power lead from the carrier. Discard OE Connector Carrier.

  • Plug in all the body side connections and bolt the power lead to the swap board. Ensure orientation of power lead is acceptable.

  • Route relay carriers into available carriers inside the car. Plug in relays.

  • Route ArduAudi connector as needed. Secure ArduAudi and plug into connector.

  • Route and tap VSS lead in the car interior. The exact location of VSS within chassis is application specific.

    • Typically it is in the footwell t17b/9 White/Blue

    • It can be found behind the cluster in older B6 1.8ts

  • Secure swap board in place of the carrier with two bolts used to secure the old carrier.

  • Plug in motor connections.

  • B7 A4/RS4 Specific: Replace fuel pump controller with provided bypass plug.


B6 S4 using A4 radiator support: You must swap your power pins on the fan harness. They are reversed from one another from the factory. If you do not do this your fans will spin backwards, damaging the fan controllers and ArduAudi.

*Some applications may need to modify the reverse connector on the engine harness.


A lead is provided on the board for an AC harness. This signal carried by this lead is designed for a 3.0 AC compressor which may require custom AC hardlines. An AC harness will need to be constructed to adapt this lead to the compressor.

*Some swap boards have engine side brown pin 6 populated. This can be used as your AC lead. It is the same signal as the direct lead from the circuit board. You will need to populate or cut brown pin 6 on your engine harness. This feature is included simply to provide additional harness flexibility.